LV House Doctor is Prepared to Cure All Your Home Ailments
Posted on: April 24th, 2014

Completed Tierra Santa Mantle

LV House Doctor recently completed a project out on the Northwest side of Las Vegas.


We custom fabricated a mantle, stained, glazed and installed it. Corbels were added for dramatic detail and it was finished with decorative stone.


IMG_6612Our client had actually been trying to complete the remodel of their fireplace/mantle for a few years. Her husband is actually an engineer and planned on doing it himself, but he had been so busy with his own work that their home improvements took a backseat.

Many people run into this issue and are often busy working and busy with daily life activities. The issue is that they spend so much time working to fund all the projects they want to do themselves, but find themselves exhausted and wanting to relax instead of work on these projects in their spare time.


When you realize that this is an issue then considering a professional to get the job seems like the proper next step. It is no secret that price is a major consideration when it comes to remodeling projects, but if you take into account mistakes in measuring, getting the wrong material, performing quality and accurate work, and amount of time it may take to complete a project yourself, it often is in your better interest to hire a professional.

The homeowners of this project said that this was the easiest and quickest job that they have ever completed. They Also couldn’t believe how big of a difference it made in the environment. They said their home felt much more warm and cozy.




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